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UK's only manufacturer of waterproof wax crayons and chalk
supplying leading brands nationally and internationally

About us


bright coloured wax crayons


Stadium Crayons Limited is a company with a long and proud history of manufacturing. For over 40 years we have produced wax crayons and chalks in the UK. During that time we’ve kept plenty of restaurants, retailers, Councils, emergency services, Utility Companies and Industry happy. Our wax crayons and chalks all go to make fun promotional items, quality industrial products or unforgettable corporate gifts and we fulfill orders of pretty much any size.

Because we’re the UK’s best wax crayon and chalk manufacturer, we are in a position to challenge overseas competitors on lead-time, price and quality. And, whilst we know how to take care of the practical side of manufacturing high quality wax crayons and chalks, we’re also well versed in the compliant side too. All of our wax crayons are fully washable and pass the European Toy Safety Standard EN71 parts 1 – 3 & 9.

Retail children's products, wax crayons in a box and chalks

We are:

 One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of wax crayons and chalks

 A leading supplier to schools, Councils, retailers, Industry and government bodies

 Food Standards Agency Compliant – many UK restaurants use our crayons!

 Producers of high quality, washable wax crayons

 Capable of meeting your bespoke branding requirements

Retail children's products, crayons in a box and chalks