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Road Marking Crayons

Road Marking Crayons

Heavy Duty Road Marking Crayons.

£5.99 per pack (ex. VAT & Delivery)


Our high quality Road Marking Crayons are manufactured using a special formulation, making them hard wearing yet soft enough to mark on a variety of different surfaces. Made from strong extruded wax, our crayons can leave a bright semi-permanent mark on roads and pavements for up to 6-8 weeks.

bullet  Perfect for marking on road surfaces, tarmac, concrete, stone, brick, timber and metal.

bullet  Waterproof Crayons. Can be used on dry and wet surfaces.

bullet  More economical and ecological alternative to paint spray.

bullet  Used by construction companies, lumber companies, emergency services, local councils and road maintenance.

bullet  Rectangular unwrapped block crayons.

bullet  Crayon Dimensions: 115mm x 20mm x 20mm.

bullet  Standard Colours – yellow, red, blue & white. Other colours available upon request.

bullet  12 crayons per pack. Minimum order 24 packs.

bullet  Made in the UK!  Made in the UK!

For bespoke colours or a quote for larger volumes please contact us directly.

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